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Welcome on Just Another Web site

Welcome on JustAnotherWebsite

Who are we?

JAWS was born in the late 2020s when we wanted to try and create a website where we could do more than what we do at school.
At first we thought it wasn't a project we could really do, but curiosity and discoveries of hosting and other languages created our own path.

But what school do we go to?

We are currently second year students at CPT Trevano as computer scientists.

What can I find on JustAnotherWebsite?

Do you really want to know what you can find on JAWS? Mainly everything. Applications developed by us, games, and more coming soon. Have an happy browsing!

Our Works

As mentioned before, we create websites, desktop applications, games.
In this section we leave a small table with all our group and personal creations. Depending on the type of software, it could be open-source or closed-source, but everything is free.

Personal Websites:

Timo's personal website
Stefano's personal website
Luca's personal website


Coming soon



Contact Us

If you want to contact us, please use the following email addresses: